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Windows & Doors

New Cuts and Repairs for Window & Door Openings on Stone Clad Walls

If you have a stone wall where you want a window or door installed or removed, make sure you get it handled properly by a trained professional. Elite Masonry Restoration has been working with stone fenestrations for over 20 years.

natural stone wall prep for cut
stone wall cladded mason man repairing
windows installed on stone wall

In this project, we dealt with aged, soft stone that had weathered many winters, necessitating careful removal due to its fragility. Each stone was meticulously hand-selected and dressed with a hammer andchisel to ensure a proper fit.  We utilized a specific mortar that is compatible and seamlessly blends into the existing mortar.

window in brick wallbrick wall window opening

Want a door or no longer want an existing door, that’s no issue.  We can brick it in or cut out an opening for a new one.   

bricks removed from wall with Tyvek paper

Window opening was reduced in size and new matching brick put in it's place.

brick wall

Perfect Stone Cutting and Repairs

Renovations can be daunting and cutting stone accurately is a craft that takes years to hone and perfect. We have the right equipment to cut and install any kind of stone, be it brick, slate, granite or composite.