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Waterproofing & Excavating

We Waterproof Walls of Brick, Stone and Other Masonry

To install a waterproof coating or membrane on the exterior of an existing building, it's first necessary to either remove the existing leaking stone or fully excavate around the foundation. See below for some of our work:

stone threshold front
stone threshold front
stone threshold front

The brickwork above the door endured numerous freeze-thaw cycles and lacked proper drainage.  We addressed this issue by removing all the brick and stone, installing a proper cavity tray, and applying Blueskin for the vapour barrier.  This area is now built with stone, accompanied by proper weep vents to facilitate air movement.

waterproofed wall
waterproofed wall

Fully rebuilt foundation wall. To complete the process we install Blueskin then a dimpled membrane to protect the foundation.

We are One of London Ontario's Top Masonry Contractors for Waterproofing & Excavating

London's Long Cold Winter Months Can Do Serious Damage to your Exterior Wall Cladding and House Foundation. Make sure you protect your home from future severe damage by taking care of your waterproofing issues quickly.