Foundation waterproofing stops water seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure (the rising and falling of ground water under the concrete) that causes water to penetrate the basement slab. Foundation waterproofing is applied externally so that water is prevented from passing through the foundation.

Waterproofing exterior walls will eliminate and reduce the amount of deterioration that will occur. This can save your home thousands of dollars in repairs, among other things. All our masonry work on walls should be properly waterproofed

A home that is does not have waterproofing treatment is just a disaster waiting to happen. Water damage is expensive and a huge hassle. It is important to protect yourself from unskilled contractors that don’t have the expertise to do this kind of work.

At Elite Masonry Restoration, we are expertly trained to do waterproofing on any masonry structures.  We can assess your waterproofing needs and ensure that the work we do is up to the highest level of professionalism. We serve London and the surrounding area.