Flagstone Repairs

Do you have a flagstone walkway, patio or wall that needs repair? Are you looking for professional flagstone installers? Elite Masonry Restoration has worked with thousands of satisfied customers all over London and the surrounding area. We are flagstone installation and repair experts. Our skilled tradesmen are trained to deliver beautiful, lasting results that you will enjoy for years to come.

We work with a wide range of flagstone types: natural and manufacture edges, varying thicknesses, and a wide range of materials. Whether the flagstones are for a wall, walkway, patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen, Elite Masonry Restoration can handle the job.

Weather damage to flagstones is common and we can repair chipped, broken, or degraded flagstones, and fix any loose and degrading mortar joints. We have keen industry knowledge of the best way to repair and install flagstones. Our masonry techniques are the timeless gold standard for this type of stone work.

If you have a flagstone repair or installation job, call us Elite Masonry Restoration today at for your free estimate.