Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone is a type of manufactured stone that has the additional advantage of being lightweight and easy to install. Elite Masonry Restoration is experienced in installing and repairing cultured stone in residential and commercial applications. We have done numerous projects in London and the surrounding area and will be happy to come and estimate a repair job or advise whether or not cultured stone may be a right for you.

Cultured stone products are often cast in moulds taken from carefully chosen natural stone, using a process that captures all the minute details. Each colour and texture uses its own blend of cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and pigments. Even on close examination, these manufactured stones can look and feel just like the originals.

Cultured stone products are usually lower in cost than that of natural stone. They require no additional footings, foundations, or wall ties, and installation time is considerably less when compared to the use of natural stone.

To find out more about cultured stone installations or repairs and how Elite Masonry Restoration can help you, call us at 519-207-0900. We serve London, Ontario, and the surrounding area.