Concrete Repair

Concrete is susceptible to deterioration by the elements. Moisture and temperature change cause concrete to crack, pit, and scale, making concrete repair a necessity. Chipped corners are also common problems, as concrete edges are often the first to show wear and tear. Concrete repairs prevent dangerous conditions for your property visitors, workers, or residents.

Elite Masonry Restoration has completed a wide range of concrete repairs and construction for both commercial and residential properties in London and the surrounding area. We can come do an assessment of the damage, and give you an estimate. Small concrete repair jobs can be done within a day. We offer competitive pricing for all our concrete repair jobs.

Whether you have a small crack or large gaping hole, it’s a good idea to consult with a masonry professional before you try to attempt a repair job yourself. Industry knowledge of best practices and the best tools and techniques in the trade are essential for getting results that last. Be sure to check out our gallery pages for samples of our concrete repair work. Many of our customers have been thrilled with our fast, efficient service. Call us today at 519-207-0900 to get a free estimate.