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Newly Poured Concrete Paved Sidewalks, Walkways, Patios and Driveways

Concrete is a cost effective way to provide an easy to maintain, smooth walking surface. The cement can be customized by adding tinted stains and the surface can be treated with a waterproof seal.

concrete slab patio

Original damaged stone slab was removed and here is freshly prepared concrete in its place.

concrete sidewalk

Here is an entire concrete walkway wrapping around house

exposed dirt ground

Proper ground preparation with the right equipment is critical for a level concrete walkway installation.

concrete pathway

Concrete paths and sidwalks are a beautiful, affordable solution


We are Masonry Specialists Experienced in Removing Old Walkways and Installing New Concrete

For a concrete walkway to last, the foundation must be prepared properly to prevent future cracks and unwanted excess movement. Our team is thoroughly trained in ground preparation, cement mixing, pouring and final finishing. Contact Elite Masonry Restoration today for a free estimate.