Chimney Rebuild/Repair

The materials used to construct chimneys and fireplaces are designed to be durable and last many years. But, unfortunately, time, moisture, use, and even the settling of your home can gradually cause your chimney to crack, crumble, or deteriorate. And the problem with a deteriorating chimney isn’t just that it’s unsightly – it can also be a health and fire hazard.

If you have noticed mortar loosening between the bricks of your chimney, chimney downdrafting or discolouration of your chimney, call Elite Masonry Restoration to come and do an assessment and give you a free estimate.  We are expert chimney repair specialists and have rebuilt/repaired thousands of chimneys. Our customers know we are one of the best!

Our full masonry fireplace and chimney repairs services include: chimney crown repairs and reconstruction, brick laying and replacement, mortar joint re-tuckpointing, water leak repairs, fireplace firebox repairs, smoke chamber repairs and reparging, 

If your chimney is in need of repair or rebuilding, it’s important that you have the work done by someone trained in the proper techniques and who knows what materials to use. Not all masonry materials are the same, and if the wrong materials or techniques are used, you could end up with a chimney that is even worse than before.

Elite Masonry Restoration offers chimney repair and restoration services and guarantees professional results. Our master masons combine traditional, proven methods with modern technology to solve even the toughest masonry problems and produce lasting, beautiful results.