Brick Replacement

Do you have loose or crumbling bricks in your home that you’re concerned about? Whether the bricks and mortar joints are old or new, Elite Masonry Restoration can help you restore your bricks to their original condition. Our skilled masons use proven techniques that are over 100 years old and we are one of the most trusted brick repair specialists in London and the surrounding area.

Types of brick repair:


Interior and exterior brick can become covered in dirt and grime over time. The Cleaning requirements differ depending on the type of residue. Mould and mildew can be washed away with a bleach solution, whereas paint, chalk, calcium carbonate, and rust might require sandblasting or chemicals. When trying to clean brick, always start with the gentlest method such as dish detergents and salt, and work your way up to harsher technique. Strong treatments can damage and discolour brick, so consider letting a pro do the cleaning for you.


Repointing refers to the process of repairing the mortar joints that hold bricks together. Before new mortar can be applied, the old mortar must first be removed. Removing old mortar so that the surrounding brick isn’t disturbed is a challenging process. Also difficult is matching the fresh mortar to the original. Unless you have experience working with mortar, hiring a professional for brick repointing is highly recommended.


When brick repair isn’t enough, then the next step is to replace individual bricks or entire sections of brick, whether they are part of a brick wall, chimney, foundation, walkway, or patio. Large scale brick rebuilding might be required for a failing chimney, foundation, or wall. In some cases, the entire structure must be torn down and rebuilt. When the need for rebuilding is comes from failing mortar and not failing brick, the original bricks can be reused. This is especially important for maintaining a historic look on old buildings. The existing brick from a walkway or patio can also be reinstalled atop a fresh base of crushed stone to create an antique look. You might even consider selling old bricks; reclaimed bricks are highly sought after for historic building projects.

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Elite Masonry Restoration is famous for its brick restoration work in London and the surrounding area. One or two damaged brick can be a D.I.Y projects, but any more than that, or if the bricks are part of a load bearing wall, you might want to consult a specialist.