Block/Glass Block

Elite Masonry provides expert glass block and block installation and repairs in London. We work with designers, developers, and homeowners to create stunning, beautiful walls.

Glass blocks are typically used for window openings and wall panels, and are increasingly becoming more popular among designers. They are primarily chosen as a building material for their appearance, light diffusion, good fire ratings, impact resistance, and thermal insulation. Glass block windows are ten times more energy efficient than single pane glass.

Here’s why glass blocks are a great choice compared with traditional windows:

  • Lower Energy Costs – Because of better insulating properties, eliminating single pane windows by replacing them with glass block will significantly reduce the amount of energy you will need for air conditioning.
  • More Privacy –– Glass blocks allow light to come in, but prevent people from looking in.
  • Increased Security – Glass block are sturdy and less likely to broken into compared to traditional windows
  • Less Maintenance – Rust and rotting can be a problem with traditional windows.  Since glass blocks are mortared into the foundation, you’ll have fewer maintenance issues
  • Great Designer Look - There are numerous attractive design possibilities with glass blocks, and as well as many ventilation options.

The repair of glass blocks requires specialized masonry joint knowledge. Our expert masons have the right tools and techniques to ensure professional, quality results. If you already have glass blocks installed and are in need of repairs, call Elite Masonry Restoration to come have a look and give you a free estimate.